Cancellation Policy...

Sessions that are canceled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged to you in full unless an alternate time that fits both patient's and therapist's schedules can be found within the same work week, or in the event that we are able, we fill your hour with another appointment.


This policy is strictly enforced and is totally self serving. Please be prepared to pay for the missed session along with your rescheduled session at the time of your next appointment.


By billing, we protect our income and our ability to stay clear of resenting our patients' choices or unexpected life events such as illness, traffic problems getting to your appointment, work conflicts, inclement weather, etc.


This policy is not in any way "punishment" nor is it a policy parading as a way to handle assumed "irresponsibility". Rather, we value and appreciate that at times we simply cannot foresee a scheduling conflict or a conflict of needs. For example, it is often money well spent to CANCEL a session because another more immediate need arises , even the overwhelming need to rest or the need to respond to a son or daughter's urgent request for you to listen NOW, not after your appointment. We do not wish to burden those we serve with unnecessary feelings of obligation by having patients drag themselves to a session they would rather cancel. The obligation to pay us for missed sessions on short notice seems far more straight forward and far less treacherous than an obligation to be present. To set it up in any other way would violate our belief that mental and physical health requires all of us to be true to ourselves and authentic with others.