Services Provided by Dr. Susan 

Relationship Distress Including:

• Destructive Fighting

• Passionless Relationships

• Trouble Being "Oneself" in a Relationship

• Unresolved Betrayal

• Separation / Divorce Pain


Sexual Dysfunctions Including:

• Low or Absent Sexual Desire

• Arousal Disorders 

• Inability to Achieve Orgasm

• Premature Ejaculation

• Pain with Intercourse

• Sexual Boredom or Passionless Sex

Individual Distress Including:

Insecure Attachments in Adults

Intimacy Aversion 

PTSD (trauma) 

Life Phase Problems, (e.g. newly married/divorced,   empty nesters, married with young children, adjustment to sexual orientation)

Spiritual Discernment, (e.g. those who were raised in a religious atmosphere that they feel harmed them, post trauma loss of faith, searching for sense of purpose, desire to be active in one’s spiritual growth, etc.)

Treatment Modalities Include:

• Depth Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples

• Sex Therapy (Individuals & Couples) 

• Certified Trauma Specialist, Brainspotting

• Shorter-Term Problem Specific Psychotherapy for    Individuals & Couples