Spiritual Discernment...

The definition of “discernment” is “to be able to judge well.”  In working with people in pain and/or crisis in their lives over the decades we have learned that most people would like the opportunity to talk about their spirituality, but feel psychotherapy is not the place.  


Mental health research tells us that people with a strong faith in a higher power heal faster and are not as prone to developing Post Traumatic Stress after a horrific event. 


Much less talked about in the literature is that many find themselves questioning or rejecting their faith after what FEELS like a soul piercing ordeal has happened to them.


Some patient’s have never had a faith system, but almost all secretly long to have one or to at the least talk about it with someone who can guide their questioning and respond empathically to their disbelief.


Please be clear that we are NOT talking about anyone’s affiliation with an organized religion, whether or not such institutions benefit a patient’s spiritual growth. Many patients long ago rejected their religious training of youth because it does not bring them the kind of peace, joy and sense of purpose that authentic spirituality offers. Other’s are quite committed to their church and are very active in it. 


True spirituality can be found in all of the great AND largely unknown religious practices if one sets out to use them in this way. We believe, however, that no religious structure is necessary to grow in one’s spiritual development. That is, religion is “person made”; spirituality is a direct connection with one’s soul as it strives to grow and blossom inside of us.


At Hearthstone, we are mindful that each person who seeks us out for pain relief has a soul that is working with us to in the healing process. We may or may not verbalize this in sessions, as we have no agenda, no wish to intrude, and no bias about the need for patient’s to recognize our soul’s power to heal our personalities.


On the other hand, some patient’s seek us out for actual “soul work”. These patients have heard that we teach about spiritual development and the techniques and technologies that we use to further this purpose. 


The great majority of patients will have a therapy that encompasses both working directly on the pain and injury that the personality is experiencing and come to understand through the process that they have a powerful, ever present, awe inspiring resource in their soul identity.


This is because each soul is amazing in it’s beauty, profoundly wise as our own personal guide in all of life’s choses (often referred to as intuition or feeling something in your “gut”) and ultimately, at the end of life, leaves our bodies and reunites with that which is referred to as “Source”.